Day 90

My sister recently told me she had something important to say
And that I might be offended but not to take it that way
I became a bit intrigued but mostly I was wary
I didn’t know what she had to say but thought it might be scary
When she turned to look at me gathering thoughts inside her head
“You’re weird” is what she blurted out and that was all she said
I just kind of stared at her and said “that’s nothing new”
“But if I had to pick the weirdest girl that’d definitely be you”
“You’re wrong” She tried to tell me “You’re way weirder than me”
The conversation went back and forth, we never did agree
I guess both of us are kinda weird but for us I think it works
There’s no such thing as normal, everyone has their quirks
So the way I’ve come to see it is there’s no reason to change
Everyone in this entire world is just a little strange


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